Manterest=Pinterest Clone?

A few weeks back I wrote about Pinterest and the rising popularity of the online start-up. To me, it’s fascinating that the website has 12 million viewers per month for such a new company! I also commented that the website is predominately viewed by females (currently 80%). Since then, the fad has continued but in a new direction.

I recently stumbled upong ““, essentially a Pinterest for men and couldn’t help but find more info about the site and give my two cents.

A screenshot of "", displaying food, sports, and Chuck Norris

1) It seems as though they are mocking Pinterest a little bit. I immediately see “invites are lame! get started today”- making a reference to Pinterest because it’s accessible by invite only.

2) It’s more “man-friendly”. When I clicked on the tutorial I saw that instead of “pinning” you can “nail” images from your toolkit- very appropriate. They say where you nail images is your virtual file cabinet, allowing you to organize your pictures and share them with your friends. The image selection is predominately, cars, hearty food, sports, and quirky sayings.

3) They definitely have a market for the website and it’s growing. They make a point/joke on the “About Us” page and say there are 3.4 billion men on earth and now they have something to do. But after lengthly research I haven’t been able to find stats about the site. I have been able to find that it’s creating quite the drama and people are signing up just to see what it’s like– whatever works to get the customers!


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